About Us


An African continent rapidly achieving its development potential, whose people live in dignity, in a  just society where basic needs are met, human rightsare upheld, and good governance entrenched 


To be an independent catalyst for monitoring development commitments, delivery and impact on the grassroots; and to bring strong additional African voices to the development agenda.


African Monitor supports economic and social justice, respect for human rights, and empowerment of people to claim their own destinies. We are committed to living these values by: 

  1. Grounding our work in an independent, people-focused African-led agenda
  2. Enabling stakeholders to participate in monitoring activities 
  3. Conducting ourselves with the highest levels of integrity, accountability, and transparency
  4. Basic monitoring and advocacy on credible evidence of exceptional quality
  5. Being a compassionate and constructive catalyst for delivery
  6. Producing work that is relevant to the context and designed to have a positive impact
  7. Constantly looking for more creative and innovative ways to achieve our objectives
  8. Delivering and communicating work of consistent excellence

An Overview

In the years 2011 – 2015, African Monitor is organizing its work under the theme “Unlocking the African Moment:  A grassroots led agenda.” This forward-looking action-oriented theme was identified after an extensive review of African Monitor’s work in the last five years since its inception; and upon an in-depth assessment of Africa’s current development trajectory.  

There have been many indications of developmental achievements of African countries in the last few years.  For instance there has been good economic performance over the last ten years accompanied by positive social gains. The proportion of people living in extreme poverty in Africa reduced significantly to 51 percent in 2005, compared to a peak of about 58 percent in the late 1990s...
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