• Advocacy Campaigns

    African Monitor is primarily an advocacy organisation. All the other programmes that we implement are to strengthen our evidenced-based approach to advocacy. The overall objective of the advocacy
  • Communications and Media Relations

    African Monitor continues to work towards the realization of the priorities of the grassroots communities in Africa. Under the theme, “Unlocking the African Moment”, part of our work involves
  • Development Support Monitor (DSM)

    The African Monitor (AM) has set as its core objective monitoring of development funding commitments by African governments and its development partners, and assess the utilization of the funds
  • Grassroots Focus Index

    One of the African Monitor’s programmes is the Grassroots Focus Index (GFI). It is a pilot[1] effort by African Monitor that seeks to generate an index that assesses and determines the extent of
  • Illicit Financial Flows Project in South Africa

    African Monitor’s work on illicit financial flows is couched within the post 2015 MDG process, as a way of retaining and recovering domestic resources for Africa’s development. While our work has
  • The Constituency Building Programme

    Constituency building initiative African Monitor works with strategic grassroots partners to strengthen its constituency base among grassroots communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Currently,
  • What We Do?

    The reality of Africa’s grassroots communities is that they are systematically excluded in development processes. Evidence shows that African economies have been systematically shedding jobs in the