Development Support Monitor (DSM)

The African Monitor (AM) has set as its core objective monitoring of development funding commitments by African governments and its development partners, and assess the utilization of the funds towards grassroots development. The Development Support Monitor (DSM) is designed to enhance accountability through providing information on commitments and delivery of development support by African Governments and development partners. The DSM, in its previous publication, has been cataloguing and tracking commitments made by African governments and its development partners. The DSM 2007 focused on establishing baseline matrix, DSM 2008/09 focused on Agriculture and food security, and DSM 2010 focused on the MDG review Process. The DSM approach is based on the understanding that enhanced social accountability could contribute to increased development effectiveness through improved alignment and effective delivery. The DSM could serve as an effective social accountability tool by generating relevant data/ information on development resource flows and building a credible evidence base that will serve to hold African Governments and development partners accountable.

The DSM 2011 is focussing on popularising the African Monitor theme, Unlocking of African moment: A Grassroots focussed agenda. The report is built on various activities and programmed for various Unlocking African Moment campaigns.  

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