Since 2013, African Monitor has included nearly 80 000 voices of young people across Africa, who have since lent their time to the Voice Africa’s Future programme, to pronounce the future as they see it for themselves.

The voices of Africans are at the forefront of realizing Africa’s emancipation. We are united in our efforts to transform the continent, becoming a catalyst  for inclusive growth. By addressing quality education, we will create opportunities for gainful employment; to promote investment in the economy.

Agenda 2063 (A2063) is the blueprint to ensure that the Africa of tomorrow allows all who live in it the equal opportunities for a dignified life.   These aspirations are further supported by the global commitment made through the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) that are aimed towards people, prosperity and planet.

Through the efforts of responsible citizens along side their leaders, in supporting the initiative documented in A2063 and SDGs, the continent can regain the status as the promoter of life, culture and science.

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