The People’s Voices: – Margaret says the youth should not wait for government but create their own opportunities

My name is Margaret from Uganda.  I am a youth inter-facer in our community church. I would like to talk about youth life and employment opportunities in my community.
Firstly, many young people think government should provide everything to them, including employment. They actually think to be employed you must work with / in  government. But I don’t agree with this line of thinking. I think they youth have many opportunities they can create for themselves to earn an income, rather than wait for the government or someone to employ them. The youth can participate in local transportation like riding passenger motorcycles, agriculture, brick laying etc, to make an income for themselves and even create opportunities for others.  In fact youth government programs never benefit youth in my community. These programs are intended to benefit the youth by providing them with start up loans, but unfortunately, most of these programs are not managed by youth but by old people who end up prioritizing their peers and not youth. Unless this changes and we have youth participation in the management of the youth programs, we are going not going to win the battle of youth unemployment.

How can you even effectively monitor something you are not part of?

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