African Monitor promotes the domestication, implementation and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Agenda 2063 in Africa; ensuring that people are at the centre of the implementation agenda.

There is broad consensus that the implementation of the SDG’s will take place largely at the national level, driven by local stakeholders. There is also broad consensus that it will not be possible to implement the SDG’s successfully without the meaningful participation and ownership of local actors. Among these stakeholders are citizens, who have too often been left behind in the implementation of development programmes, thus leading to their failure. In Africa, youth make up 65 – 70% of the population in most countries. Therefore, any effort to mobilise citizen participation must focus on building the capacity of African citizens to engage.

Citizen engagement of any kind is not an easy undertaking, as there are a number of factors that determine its success. Often in Africa, citizens neither have the information nor capacity to successfully engage in development processes. At the same time, African governments frequently do not have established systems and institutionalised structures to effect meaningful citizen engagement, despite the fact that many governments acknowledge the importance of citizen engagement. This duality of structural challenges must be overcome by any initiative that seeks to promote and enhance people participation in development delivery.


Main Objective:

The objective of this programme is to accelerate the implementation of the SDG’s

and Agenda 2063 through a high-impact regional and global advocacy agenda aiming to:

• Accelerate the domestication of SDG and Agenda 2063 targets into national policy, planning and budgeting frameworks

• Promote the establishment of institutionalised platforms for multi-stakeholder engagement at the national and regional levels in Africa.

• Promote the review and monitoring of implementation.

• Ensure increase focus on, and prioritization of the needs of vulnerable groups. African Monitor has identified the following policy issues to advance in its advocacy: education, skills and jobs; economic opportunities; governance and peaceful societies; and poverty alleviation. Gender equality and youth development run through our policy issues.